Merewether 2291

Welcome!  My name is Bren Murphy and I have lived in Merewether most of my life.  It’s a beautiful coastal village with the convenience of being a suburb of Australia’s 6th biggest city – Newcastle.

I host Mindfulness Walks around scenic locations of Merewether as well as greater Newcastle.  I also share unique range of health and wellness products at Holistica Australia.

Read today’s Merewether Weather Forecast from the Australian Bureau of Meteorology.  Next, check if the beach is patrolled and the swimming conditions with Beach Safe.

Current conditions for Surfing Merewether Beach.

Somehow we always end up having a $10 pizza at the downstairs Merewether Surfhouse.

merewether australia day
Merewether Baths on Australia Day

Merewether Ocean Baths are the largest in the Southern Hemisphere – before you turn up for a swim, be sure to check out the cleaning schedule by Newcastle City Council.

It’s a magical place, as documented by the images of Merewether Ocean Baths by Shannon Hartigan.